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Vote for [AZG] NATION!03/25/2008

Posted by: [AZG]AgentZed
Click on each link below to vote for your favorite Alliance - [AZG] NATION! Please do this every day so that we can start showing the world we are online and having fun.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

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call of duty 4

[AZG] NATION Launches New Alliance03/14/2008

Posted by: [AZG]AgentZed
Today the [AZG] NATION launched its new online presence. When asked "Who is the [AZG] NATION?", its founding members proudly proclaimed.

"[AZG] NATION is a dedicated group of friends and gaming enthusiasts who love to play the Call of Duty series title.

We are a family of friends who have chosen to unite to provide the gaming community with a truly "community" managed gaming alliance. Don't get us wrong, we don't believe in chaos, we believe in shared leadership and shared responsibility. Working together, we make our gaming experience fun and exciting in a clean family environment."

As a matter of record, the [AZG] NATION is dedicated to the following:
*No Cheating of any kind
*We are an online family that takes pride in helping one another in life
*We game hard - no mercy here. BUT we game FAIR!!!!!

The "NATION" has future plans of adding a COD4 Ladder Competition Server for those who wish to compete in one on one, or group vs group challenges!

Are you looking for a "Home and a Family"? Then join us today!!!! Be A Part of The Best.....Be a part of [AZG] NATION!!!

Please take a moment and come in to our forum and visit !!!!!